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Societies: 1981 - 1982. Elected Secretary and Member of the Board of the National Association of Professional Swedish Visual Arts - K.R.O - Konstnaerernas Riks Organisation Stockholm - with over 6.000 members.

1979 - 1986. Elected as the first Director and Chairperson of the Board, while Curator/ Administrator of the former Swedish National Artist Organisation, VIDEO-NU, Stockholm, an Art Laboratory for new electronic technology financially assisted by the Swedish Government and the Stockholm City Council ( 200 individual and 15 corporate members)

Represented: Paintings: Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, Sweden. National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden. Gothenburg's Art Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden. Sundsvalls Museum, Sundvall, Sweden. Family of Charles Chaplins private collection Switzerland.

Swedish National Television collection Stockholm, Sweden. The Australian Embassy in Beijing, China. The City Council of Changchun, China. James Cooks University, North Queensland, Australia Qingdao Municipal Museum, China. Sculptures: '97 China Changchun City, International Invitation Exhibition of Sculpture - Permanent installation of two-of-a kind, 3 meters marble-sculptures, at the Culture Square. Alvdalens County collection, Sweden. Stone of Alvdalskvartsit. County Council, Falun City, Sweden. Stone of kvartsit.

Thirty public artworks in Sweden and in addition; international corporate and private collections in USA, Australia, Europe and China. AWARDS AND GRANTS; The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts - Top Project Grant 1975 for pioneering electronic Artworks since 1966 and for the development of art&technology, 'video-art'. The Ministry for the Arts, Development Grant, Oueensland State Government, Australia, 1992. The Royal Fund for Swedish Culture - Video&Television installation/experiment, 1966. The Swedish Government Ministry for Arts, Project Grant for New Media Experiment 1962. Stockholm City Council, Department for Arts, Project Grant - experimental photo- graphics - lightpainting, 1962.

Bibliography: Memeless Threshold & Digitala Demoner, by Dr Gary Svensson, Linkopings Studies in Arts and Science, Linkopings University, Sweden. Publisher: Carlsson Bokforlag, 2000.ISBN 91 72 03 992 2. ISSN 0282-9800. 211 pages. Sjolander pages: 64-65, 104- 113, 129. New Media in Late 20th-Century Art, by Dr. Michael Rush, Harward University, Thames&Hudson , Publisher 1999. Pp. 92 -93 of 224 pages. ISBN 0-500-20329- The Collection Of The Qingdao International Art Exhibiton - China 1999. Catalogue; pp. 11, 296, 316. Published by Chinese Artist's Organisation. ISBN 7-5305-1101-7

Art and Australia ( June 1992 Winter/issue, 3 full pages ) - Fine Art Press Pty Ltd. Australia. The Courier Mail, Queensland, Australia. Saturday, January 25, 1992; 'Artist to fine tune the relevance of art', by Sonia Ulliana. Expanded Cinema (Book) by Gene Youngblood. Introduction by R. Buckminster Fuller. Studio Vista Ltd. 1970. (Pp. 331 - 334). Essere (Vol. 4 1968) by Pierrluigi Albertoni.Tribunale di Milan, 'La Mec-Art' by Pierre Restany (pp. 13, 15 17, 64, 65) Video (Monthly Magazine - January 1979) Linkhouse Publication Group Pty Ltd. UK, 'Video Art at New Castle' by Mandy McIntyre (pp.32-33) Konstrevy (Volume 1) 1963 'Photographic Development' by Kurt Bergengren. (Pp. 10 - 13, and original cover art: 'Ready Maid/Pop Art'. Publisher; Bonniers Bokforlag Sweden. National Swedish Encyclopaedia - ( 'Focus' ) 1967, Publisher; Bonniers Sweden. See 'S' for, Sjölander Ture. An innumerable number of articles in Europe, Australia, China and USA have been published as well as radio and television programs (e.g. catalogue text for installations/exhibitions) by writers as: Pierre Restany, Paris, Oivind Fahlström, N.Y., Kristian Romare, Belgium, Prof. Björn Hallström, Stockholm, Pontus Hulten, Bonn, etc. etc .

EXHIBITIONS/INSTALLATIONS: Sundsvalls Museum, 1961, (regional Art Gallery Sweden) - Light paintings. Debut. Solo Exhibition. Catalogue foreword by Oivind Fahlström. White Chapel Art Gallery - London, UK. 1963. Light paintings. Selected group exhibition. Lunds Konsthall (famous Regional Fine Art Gallery in South Sweden, Lund City) 1965. Simultaneously installation of an outdoor exhibition in Stockholm on billboard space of Monumental size. Solo installations. The 5th Biennale of Paris, France 1967. Selected group exhibition. Catalogue foreword by Pierre Restany. Gallerie Apollinaire - Milan, Italy 1968, Invited to exhibit with contemporary all-Italian artists. Selected group exhibition. Serpentine Gallery, London, UK. 1975. Selected group exhibition The Galleries, Biddick Farm Arts Center, Washington Tyne and Wear, New Castle. UK. 1976 and 1979. Selected group exhibition/installation incl. Bill Viola, Ed Emshwiller etc. Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm Sweden, 1981. Electronic Art, International Exhibition incl. seminars. Selected group exhibition. International Video Art exhibition KULTURHUSET Stockholm Sweden 1982. Selected group exhibition incl. Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, etc etc Museum of Modern Art - Stockholm Sweden, 1985. 'Swedish Contemporary Art' - Six months exhibition. Selected group exhibition.

Ethnographic Museum, Stockholm, Sweden, 1987 and 1988. Video/multimedia installation; 'Body Paintings Papua New Guinea' - 'The South Pacific Festival of Art', Solo installation. Gallery Umbrella, North Queensland, Australia, 1991. 'Space - the Image of Wealth 1'. Solo installation. 1997 - China International Sculpture Invitation Exhibition in Changchun, Jilin province. 'Peace, Friendship and Spring' Group exhibition. Foreign artists from 10 nations. Permanent installations of stone sculptures at the Culture Square in the City of Changchun. 1999, CHINA, Qingdao, " Trancentury China International Masterpieces Exhibition '99, August. Paintings. Qingdao Municipal Museum. http://turesjolander.homestead.com


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Monday, November 26, 2001

Via Facsimile

Foreign Department Australia

Passport Department


Re: Our latest phone conversation, today.

Thanks for a pleasant phone conversation with regards to a request from the Philippines about issuing an Australian passport for my under age son, Matu Sjolander.

As I earlier have explained for you - and I guess even my Swedish attorney Mr. Bengt Nestrup have pointed out to you in a phone conversation with him recently - this child kidnapping case is extreme and widely known through the media around the world.

The mother to Matu, is still a fugitive in accordance to international law, and me being the sole legal custodian to my dear son, not only in the Australian Family Court but in the Swedish Family Court as well, shall not agree to the application you have received.

As a legal custodian it is my full responsibility and duty to prevent further means of escape involving my son.

In our previous conversations we agreed that a temporary travel document could be issued - instead of a passport - if it could be established and proven with assistance of the Australian and Swedish Embassy's in Manila, that my son is going back home to Australia or Sweden.

The magnitude of this kidnapping case is thouroughly documented and the contact between me and my loved son has been totally cut off by the perpetrators.

A large number of solicitors have been involved in the case.

This URL address give you a better understanding:



Please let me know the outcome of the proceedings ASAP.

To make it clear, my answer to give my son a passport at this time is NO, with the reservation of the possibilities of issuing a temporary travel document under conditions mentioned above.

Cordially Yours

Ture Sjolander

CC: Bengt Nestrup, Attorney, Sweden - Risa Kleiner, Attorney, NY


14 December 2001

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in relation to the ABC Program ‘Missing – Presumed Alive’, aired on Monday December 3rd of this year. I was the subject of this program in which slanderous and defamatory comments were made.

I am requesting a copy of this footage, but more importantly I request a public retraction regarding the untruths this documentary has made public.

The defamatory material contained in the segment includes the statement that I am currently in jail, thus convicted of an offence. However, I do not have a criminal record nor am I currently imprisoned.

Accordingly I will be pursuing damages in relation to the detriment I have suffered in relation to these defamatory statements. This detriment being also related to the fact this program has not just been aired nationally but internationally in the past as well, hence this matter requires urgent redress.

Yours truly,




    May I also say, that NO credits was given to all the private videos the producer was using and which I did supplied him with.   Further on, I was arrested in Stockholm and spend 63 days in custody - not in jail ! I was acquitted  of all the charges against me - not because, as it says in the documentary, "hard pressures.." etc  - but because the accusations against me, on all points, was not in any case proven.  

There is in fact a number of statements in the documentary which in one way or the other besmirches my good name, not only as a professional but also being the sole legal custodian for my dear little kidnapped son in accordance to the Family Court of Australia and the Swedish Family Court. And I am still the legal sole custodian for my son !

  It is also said in the documentary that the Swedish legal aid was cut off for all time, after the arrest, but the fact is that the Swedish Legal Aid did continue to pay for my further legal proceedings in the Philippines of this dreadful case, up to year 2000. And to a total of US dollars, 1.5 million.

This facts,  can be confirmed by the Swedish authority's and the Swedish attorney Bengt Nestrup.  

The intention behind the documentary production is in my opinion very shady and I'm really demanding a public apology and a correction ASAP. Approx. 43 question was filmed and recorded originally and only one or two was used in the final edition, as far I can understand.   This matter shall never 'go away' until this  nasty and malicious statements made in the program has been corrected.

The ABC,s responsibility in this case is obvious. I am considered,  world wide, being a  professional in my field, and this statements made in the documentary film described above and below,  will ruin my career.

Ture Sjolander



----- Original Message -----

From: Ture Sjolander

To: progsales@your.abc.net.au ; 7.30syd@your.abc.net.au ; comments@your.abc.net.au ; thepublicrecord@your.abc.net.au Cc: ; lateline@your.abc.net.au ; arrhenius.eriksson@zeta.telenordia.se ; registrator@justice.ministry.se

Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2001 4:20 PM

Subject: URGENT MATTER , Missing presumed alive



Last Monday night the 3rd of December, I watched for the very first time, part of a program named: Missing - presumed alive. A documentary about kidnapped children.   I am the subject in this documentary and I have earlier asked for a video copy of the program but have so far been denied to get a copy.   As I have heard from many people, many times this documentary has been televised several times on ABC television and overseas.  

I will herewith in writing request for a video copy of the documentary.

  Further more I would like to get your attention about a possible defamation case against ABC television could be a result, as my person is being described in the program in a very serious and untruthful manner.

It's said in one segment that I am in "jail" !

To be in jail, presuppose that one have been convicted! It's clearly implay that I have been convicted.  

I have never been convicted in my life time !!  

The publisher, in this case, ABC television, have the responsibility: ABC documentary has to be corrected very soon as it has caused a lot of problems for me and my family and friends and will continue to do so in the future! I am therefore asking ABC for a public and prime time slot to have this errors corrected for a broad public.   A copy of this e-mail will be posted to your legal department as well as to a number of my legal advisers.  

Please inform your legal department at ABC television about this matter.  


Ture Sjolander  




CC: The Swedish Minister of Justice, Mr. Thomas Bodstrom